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My name is Kathleen B., and this is my corner store.  The pictures in the header are of my great-grandfather’s store.  The crooked photo is of the store he had in Brunswick, Ohio.  The other two (one interior, taken at Christmas 1914, and one exterior) are of the store he had in Los Angeles, California.

Where I live in rural Kansas, the local store is a place where you will find one or two large tables and a big pot of coffee. This forms the town’s social center.  News and opinions flow freely, and all the problems of the world can be solved–at least for a little while.  Oh, yes, there are also shelves full of all sorts items you may need.  When you are ready to make your purchase, someone will mosey over–probably from the coffee table–ask about your family, comment on the weather, and take your money.

My goal, here at KB’s Corner Store, is to provide that kind of store for people who have “food handicaps.” You will find my virtual shelves stocked with good-for-you groceries and nutrition supplements, while helpful advice will be found at the coffee table–um, I mean, in the posts. So, how can I help you today?

My Story

My problems with food did not begin until my early twenties. After a leisurely Sunday dinner, which ended with a bowl of ice cream, I found myself in the bathroom about ten minutes later vomiting it all back up, and that was when it hit me–I must be lactose intolerant. I’d been having problems for some time, but that was my diagnosis day. I was crushed! Ice cream and macaroni & cheese were my favorite foods! It was hard enough giving those up, but due to the severity of my intolerance, I had to learn to be a careful label reader. Milk was lurking everywhere and even the slightest bit made me sick!

As the years went by and I began really enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables, I started having problems all over again. What was wrong? There was no milk in a banana or a pear, and I never used ranch or blue cheese dressings on my salads anymore. The doctors did tests, which all came back negative, so in eyes of the medical world I was fine. But I was far from fine! I could hardly eat anything except bread and meat. I decided the fruits and vegetables, especially fresh, had too much fiber in them. So my diet deteriorated into mostly over-processed junk food.

Two years ago I was really struggling again. I was sick of my limited food options and was determined to get to the bottom of the problem. I went to see my friend’s Natural Health Practitioner. I was horrified when, after examining me, he said, “NO WHEAT. You must become gluten free!” Bread was about the only thing I could eat, and I had been living on it! I came home and told my husband, “Just take me out back and shoot me.” When he asked why, I replied, “Because I don’t want to starve to death.”

Well, that was two years ago and I’ve neither been shot nor starved. Although I have lost my love of baking and cooking, and some days eating feels more like a chore than a joy, I have gained wisdom, a unique perspective about food, and lots of sympathy for those who struggle with food problems. I have friends who are diabetic, and when I listen to their stories, I feel a bond (also thankfulness that I have my troubles and not theirs). Last year I met a lady with such numerous and severe food allergies that cried when I heard her story!

My purpose

All of this has made me want to bring together under one “roof” products, services, advice, and support for people who struggle with food. The one thing I do not what to include is weight loss. There are a multitude of other resources for that problem. However, I do realize that for diabetics, weight loss is often part of their over-all issue. So even weight loss will not be completely excluded.


The Goal of This Site

My goal at KB’s Corner Store is to provide helpful products, advice, and support to those who suffer from “food handicaps.” These may be gluten or lactose intolerance, diabetes, food allergies, and other such struggles.

Food problems can be greatly compounded if you are on a tight budget! So I also want to share cost saving tips. I hope to stock my virtual shelves with all kinds of products that will give you both quality and value.

I’d also love to hear from you. What is your “food handicap”? What ways are you coping with it? Let’s nourish each other with information and support!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kathleen B.

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  1. Kathleen,
    Excellent service to those with food handicaps. Those of us whose only food handicap is addiction to overeating have no idea how those who have “food handicaps” truly suffer. People look at you and see this tall, trim woman and envy your good looks. They have no idea the burden you bear.Thanks for bringing that to my awareness and God bless all your efforts to help others .

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